Distilleries Take Action To Help Americans In COVID-19 Crisis; Trump Cheers


growing number of local distilleries are finding a creative way to help Americans  and their employees  amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Distilleries in Pennsylvania, Vermont and North Carolina are temporarily converting their operations to produce a much-needed product amid the plague of panic-buying: hand sanitizer.

In a report promoted by President Trump on Thursday, NBC News tells the story of multiple local distillery owners responding to the exploding demand for hand sanitizer, which has largely disappeared from shelves and is one of the more price-gouged items during the crisis.

“America’s Private Sector is stepping up to help us be STRONG!” Trump tweeted Thursday in reference to NBC’s report. “Many of the Nation’s distillers, large and small, are producing and donating hand sanitizer to help fight . THANK YOU!” – READ MORE

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