Disney+ Filters ‘Racist’ Films ‘Dumbo,’ ‘Peter Pan’ out of ‘Kids Profile’ Mode


Children can no longer watch DumboPeter PanSwiss Family Robinson, and The Aristocats on Disney’s Disney+ streaming service while using the “Kids Profile” mode, which filters out titles flagged with content warnings — including scenes now deemed racist.

“Titles with a content advisory notice related to negative depictions and/or mistreatment of people or cultures have been excluded,” Disney explains on its online help center.

The move comes after the company had previously flagged films for portraying racial stereotypes. Now, they have been excluded from its ostensibly child-friendly restricted mode.

Disney goes into detail on the “Stories Matter” section of its website, where the company explains its decision-making process for slapping content advisories onto the films, forbidding children to watch them.

In Dumbo, “the crows and musical number pay homage to racist minstrel shows, where white performers with blackened faces and tattered clothing imitated and ridiculed enslaved Africans on Southern plantations,” Disney explains. – READ MORE

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