Disgraced CBS Boss Les Moonves Destroyed Evidence in Failed Sexual Misconduct Cover-Up Scheme


Disgraced Cbs Chief Executive Les Moonves Destroyed Scores Of Evidence And Lied To Investigators Conducting A Probe Into Multiple Allegations Against Him, Ranging From Sexual Harassment To Rape.

Les Moonves “engaged in multiple acts of serious nonconsensual sexual misconduct in and outside of the workplace, both before and after he came to CBS in 1995,” says a report, according to the New York Times. The 59-page report, prepared by outside lawyers hired by CBS, said Moonves was “evasive and untruthful at times and to have deliberately lied about and minimized the extent of his sexual misconduct.”

Moonves, whose $69 million annual compensation, stocks, and other benefits totaled over a $1 billion, faced a new round of accusations, this time from six more women who toldThe New Yorker that Moonves forced them into nonconsensual sexual situations and retaliated when they refused his advances.

Among the more disturbing findings from the report, in which investigators spoke with 11 of the 17 known women who’ve accused Moonves of unwanted sexual advances, is the claim that Moonves “received oral sex from at least 4 CBS employees under circumstances that sound transactional and improper to the extent that there was no hint of any relationship, romance, or reciprocity (especially given what we know about his history of more or less forced oral sex with women with whom he has no ongoing relationship).”

“A number of employees were aware of this and believed that the woman was protected from discipline or termination as a result of it,” the report says. “Moonves admitted to receiving oral sex from the woman, his subordinate, in his office, but described it as consensual.” – READ MORE

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