Did Iran’s Terrorist Army Receive Those Giant Pallets of Cash?


Congressional investigators have forced new admissions from the Obama administration that suggest that $1.7 billion in untraceable cash may have been paid directly to agents of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC).  The Washington Free Beacon reports:

One senior congressional adviser told the Free Beacon the IRGC routinely orchestrates and operates these types of exchanges.

“Iran’s spy agency was heavily involved in the negotiations in Switzerland over the hostages,” the source said. “The plane that was used to transport the cash to Iran was linked to an airline used by the IRGC. But the Obama administration now seems to be suggesting that when the cash was transferred as leverage for the hostages to the plane, the spy agency and the IRGC just got out of the way?”…

“What U.S. official(s) escorted the pallets of cash to Iranian officials and what entity of the Iranian government received the funds and controlled the flight(s) that transported the cash to Iran?” [Senator Marco] Rubio asked in a Sept. 10 letterto the administration. – READ MORE

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