DHS Cracks Down on Goods Made with Chinese Forced Labor


The Department of Homeland Security announced new restrictions on products made with Chinese forced labor in a press release on Monday.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP)—a law enforcement wing of DHS—introduced five orders blocking goods made in Uighur detention and labor camps. The orders target Chinese companies with a large presence in the Xinjiang province of China, where it is estimated that over a million Uighur Muslims are detained.

“By taking this action, DHS is combating illegal and inhumane forced labor, a type of modern slavery, used to make goods that the Chinese government then tries to import into the United States,” acting DHS deputy secretary Ken Cuccinelli said. “When China attempts to import these goods into our supply chains, it also disadvantages American workers and businesses.”

“President Trump and this Department have, and always will, put American workers and businesses first and protect American citizens from participating in these egregious human rights violations,” Cuccinelli added. – READ MORE

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