Devin Nunes Uses Opening Remarks At Mueller Report Hearing To Lay In To Democrats Over Russiagate ‘Hoax’


In his opening remarks, ranking Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) outlined key elements of the Mueller report that “debunked” many of the Democrats’ prominent claims regarding collusion. He also laid out ways the Mueller report attempted to still portray the Trump campaign as acting improperly by leaving out key facts about various elements of the investigation.

“The entire scheme has now imploded and the collusion accusation has been exposed as a hoax,” Nunes said of the report and Democrats’ claims over the past two years. “One would think the Democrats would simply apologize and get back to lawmaking and oversight. But it’s clear they couldn’t stop this grotesque spectacle even if they wanted to. After years of false accusations and McCarthyite smears, the collusion hoax now defines the Democratic Party. The hoax is what they have in place of a governing philosophy or a constructive vision for our country.”

Nunes pointed out five examples in the “Mueller dossier,” as he calls it, that contradicted some of the major claims made by Democrats in the media, including the dubious claim that former Trump attorney Michael Cohen was in Prague to reward Russians for meddling in the election. Media outlets reported the story but were unable to corroborate it. The Washington Post even sent reporters to every hotel to see if Cohen had registered but came up empty (they predictably neglected to report this information).

Nunes also said in his opening statements that the Mueller report found “No evidence that [former Trump campaign aide] Carter Page conspired with Russians,” and didn’t even mention the claim that former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort visited Wikileaks founder Julian Assange multiple times in London somehow without signing into the embassy. – READ MORE

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