Devastating Murders in Mexico Send One Clear Message: We Need That Wall


As Mexico’s murder rate has tracked higher each year, so has the brutality of these heinous killings.

For instance, the bodies of six men were found last week hanging from public bridges in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur, according to CNN.

“Four bodies were found in the municipality of Los Cabos, the other two near the state capital of La Paz,” CNN reported. “The bodies were found suspended from three bridges located near the two main international airports and the highways leading to the popular beach resort of Cabo San Lucas.”

Violence in Baja California Sur region has reportedly spiked in the past couple years due to territorial disputes between the major drug cartels.

However, violence across all of Mexico is up, with the nation having “registered its highest murder total since modern records began, according to official data,” according to a recent Reuters report.

This is why we need to secure the border and build the “big, beautiful” wall proposed by Trump. It won’t reduce the crime in Mexico or stop all illegals from making it into the states, but if it stops even one (if not 100), it’ll be a success nevertheless. – READ MORE

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