Devastating 2016 Strzok Text Found: Obama’s WH is Running Trump Investigation


There was one text in particular from Strzok that McCarthy highlighted that former Bush White House press secretary Ari Fleischer felt should have garnered even more attention than it did, a message that appeared to indicate the involvement of the Obama White House in running the entire operation.

“Seems to me the headline here should have been the quote cited by Peter Strzok, attributed to a redacted source, saying ‘The White House is running this’, referring in August 2016 to the opening of the Trump counter-intelligence investigation,” Fleischer said in tweet posted Sunday.

That message from Strzok to Page was in regard to a high-level meeting — which included “agency people,” as in CIA officials— held Aug. 5, 2016 following his return from a trip to London where he presumably interviewed the FBI’s informant, though those particular details were redacted.

The message from Strzok read: “And hi. Went well, best we could have expected. Other than (REDACTED) quote: ‘the White House is running this.’ My answer, ‘well, maybe for you they are.’ And of course, I was planning on telling this guy, thanks for coming, we’ve got an hour, but with Bill (Priestap) there, I’ve got no control.”

Two immediate questions arise from that exchange — who was the redacted official who stated the “White House is running this” in regard to the counterintelligence investigation into the Trump campaign, and what exactly is contained in the emails referenced by Page “that say otherwise”? – READ MORE

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