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Despite GOP Boycott, A Trump Win In New Hampshire Could Lead To The White House


New Hampshire is the state where many candidates for the presidency first make their mark.  Donald Trump did just that with his blow-out victory in the state’s GOP primary last February.  Now he’s trying to use the Granite State as a stepping-stone to the White House

But he faces strong opposition, and not just from Hillary Clinton.  Much of the state’s GOP remains hostile to his candidacy.

Republican leaders have watched New Hampshire go from Red to Purple to near-Blue in recent years.   Many say they worry that Trump’s a threat to the party’s future.  One GOP leader recently went so far as to describe Trump as “mentally ill.”

At a Trump rally in Manchester last month, not one member of the state’s Republican elite showed up.  Even Sen. Kelly Ayotte, who has struggled over how to position herself vis-à-vis Trump in her own race for re-election, boycotted the event. – READ MORE

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