Dershowitz Applauds ABC and Attacks Epstein Victim & Accuser; Then Gets Quickly Drop Kicked By Reporter Who Reveals Bombshell


Alan Dershowitz attacked Virginia Giuffre, a former Jefferey Epstein sex slave who turned whistleblower, trumpeting ABC News’ decision not to air an interview with the victim.

Then Dershowitz, the seasoned trial lawyer and legal scholar, got taken to school by Miami Herald reporter Julie Brown who broke the Epstein story wide open with a series detailing how the Feds allowed Epstein to skate on sexuall assault and sexual traffickng of minors.

Giuffre has accused Dershowitz of sexually assaulting her after being introduced by Epstein. The case and a counter suit are currently in federal civil court. Dershowitz denies the assault allegations.

After a series of initial responses to Dershowitz, Brown dropped a bombshell:

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