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Department Of Justice Intervenes To Cover Up Hillary Clinton’s Libyan Gunrunning


One of many examples of Hillary Clinton’s monumental incompetence and laissez faire towards killing thousands of people in the Third World remains her involvement in arming Libyan “resistance” fighters during the overthrow of the Qaddafi regime. Not only does it now seem very, very likely that Hillary Clinton was involved in a gunrunning scheme that violated a UN Security Council Resolution but resulted in arming al-Qaeda fighters who ultimately killed US Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans in Benghazi but that the Department of Justice is acting with alacrity to silence anyone knowledgeable about the case.

Few businesses are more closely regulated than arms dealers who broker sales between suppliers (either manufacturers or foreign governments trying to get rid of surplus weaponry) and Third World military and police forces. In order to function, these dealers have to have the approval of their national government to carry out the sale and most operate as virtual extensions of the diplomatic or intelligence establishments. A prime example of this is Interarmco under the legendary Sam Cummings. – READ MORE

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