Dems ‘Out for Blood’: Gingrich Warns New Dem Majority May Use Obscure Law to Get Trump’s Taxes


Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said on “Hannity” that with their new majority in the House, Democrats are composing myriad ways to “get” President Trump and sabotage his presidency.

Gingrich and host Sean Hannity said the Mueller probe — which Gingrich said should be called the Mueller Trump Destruction Project — is offering “Get Out of Jail Free Cards” to “hurt the president as badly as can.”

Gingrich said the left is “undermining America for partisan reasons.”

Hannity said presumptive incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) signaled that a top priority of her caucus will be to acquire Trump’s tax returns.

Trump issued a comprehensive financial statement around the time of his election and has said his returns are currently under audit and that the other document should suffice for what Democrats wish to see.

Gingrich said Democrats may be planning to use a 1924 law, enacted in the wake of President Warren Harding’s “Teapot Dome” scandal, that allows the chairman of the Ways & Means Committee to order the IRS to turn over any individual American’s tax returns.- READ MORE

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