Democrats Think Hillary’s New Book Is ‘The Final Torture’


Democrats nationwide are dreading former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s upcoming new book tour.

The central concern appears to be the fact that Clinton consistently discusses her loss to President Donald Trump in 2016, a conversation that Democrats looking to gain seats nationally in 2018 and 2020 want to avoid.

“Maybe at the worst possible time, as we are fighting some of the most high-stakes policy and institutional battles we may ever see, at a time when we’re trying to bring the party together so we can all move the party forward-stronger, stronger together,” Democratic Rep. Jared Huffman of California told Politico.

“She’s got every right to tell her story. Who am I to say she shouldn’t, or how she should tell it? But it is difficult for some of us, even myself who’ve supported her, to play out all these media cycles about the blame game, and the excuses,” he concluded.

Other Democrats quickly joined in.

“There is a collective groan whenever there’s another news cycle about this,” one source said about Clinton. Another unnamed source added, “I think she should just zip it, but she’s not going to.”

Politico also asserts that former Clinton campaign staffers responded to the never-ending news stories about the former candidate, one called it “the final torture.” Another staffer responded with “Oh God, I can’t handle it.”

Not everyone is on the anti-Clinton train though. Political blogger Peter Daou created Verrit, a news site dedicated to pro-Clinton news.

Fundraiser for the Clinton campaign and Democratic strategist Robert Zimmerman insisted that Clinton’s work is still important to the national dialogue. “Her book and her tour is not just important for history, it’s so important for now,” Zimmerman told Politico.

“It’s a very healthy conversation to have, and it’s important to put the internal party issues in perspective. If we’re going to move forward as a party, and if we’re going to move forward as a country, Hillary Clinton’s experiences, her insight, is essential,” he concluded.

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