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Democrats Slam “Biased Press” For Hurting Hillary As She ‘Collapses’ In First Post-Pneumonia Polls


Liberals surrounding Hillary are getting desperate as she is seemingly dropping like a rock in the first “post-‘pneumonia'” polls.  As we pointed out earlier this morning, the most recent polling numbers show that Trump has opened up a 5 point lead in both Ohio and national polls after Hillary’s “medical episode” this weekend. (see “Trump Soars In Latest Polls: Sees 5 Point Lead In Ohio And Latest LA Times National Poll“).

With every weapon in the liberal arsenal being utilized at its full capacity to slow the rise of Trump, the Hillary campaign is finding that traditional attacks, like painting Republicans as a bunch of “racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic” hillbillies, or “basket of deplorables” if you prefer, are not working this election cycle.  But rather than look internally for what may be causing voters to reject Hillary, the campaign has instead decided to lash out at themedia which they claim is not performing well against its explicitly stated goals of destroying any and all republican candidates at any cost.

But one network, MSNBC, has remained loyal to Clinton throughout while pointing out that the rest of the “political news media lost its mind.”  Per The Hill, apparently Lawrence O’Donnell of MSNBC thinks health is “low on the list of voter concerns.” – READ MORE

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