Democratic Lawmaker Calls San Diego a ‘Paradise’ While Admitting Border Barriers Played a Role


Rep. Juan Vargas (D-Calif.) declared San Diego to be “basically a paradise” on Tuesday night — and mocked President Donald Trump for his warning against the border crisis. Yet he later admitted San Diego’s border barriers had something to do with that.

Vargas (pictured above right), whose district includes southern San Diego County along the U.S.-Mexico border, told CNN host Don Lemon on “CNN Tonight” on Tuesday that San Diego is “basically a paradise.”

But when Lemon asked Vargas if there were “hoards of people pouring over the border” into San Diego, Vargas admitted there weren’t — because there are border fences and walls there.

“I mean, you go to the border and you see long lines of people waiting to come in … So we do have a problem of having huge wait lines to come in,” Vargas said. “You know, there is fencing already there, to be honest with you. There are places where we already have fencing where it made sense for some security.”- READ MORE

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