Democratic Donors Are ‘So Over The Party’


The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is having a tough time encouraging donors to contribute funds to the national organization as the party struggles to rebrand after its 2016 election loss.

“Donors, small and large, are so over the party,” Jane Kleeb, chair of the Nebraska party told Politico, commenting on the failure of DNC chairman Tom Perez to refocus the party.

“Everybody thinks that some magic three-page document and some magic tagline is going to turn everything around for us,” Kleeb said. “But this is very typical work.”

Though donors continue to support individual candidates and causes, the DNC’s fundraising troubles may imperil the party’s strategy for 2018 elections. The party raised around $4 million in September, compared to the Republican National Committee’s haul of $10 million in the same period.

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