Democrat Political Analyst: Joe Biden Has A ‘Woman Problem’


In an op-ed for Fox News, Democrat political analyst Mary Anne Marsh lays out former Vice President Joe Biden’s problems attracting the women’s vote in the Democratic primaries.

“Biden’s support of policies that undermine women is a pattern, and that should concern women,” Marsh wrote on Monday.

She began by detailing several policies and issues Biden has had to address since announcing his run for president, first and foremost his handsiness with women over the years.

“The first problem for Biden was a series of complaints about him inappropriately touching women over the years. After multiple failed attempts at making an apology about the situation, Biden settled into awkward self-deprecating humor that few found funny,” Marsh wrote.

Biden’s second problem, according to Marsh, is his treatment of Anita Hill back in the early ’90s. Hill accused then-Supreme Court Justice nominee Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment, though she presented no concrete evidence of her claims, which were also belied by the fact that she continued to follow him from job to job as a clerk. – READ MORE

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