Democrat Mayor After Drug Raid On Home, Husband’s Arrest: Attacks Are Political, I Won’t Resign


Some speculated that embattled Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren, a Democrat, would resign after her home was raided in a massive drug bust on Wednesday evening and her husband was charged with drug and gun related charges.

Nothing of the sort happened on Thursday.

During a brief and pointed press conference outside her City Hall office, Mayor Warren attacked Monroe Country District Attorney Sandra Doorley as being politically motivated to “break” her.

Warren characterized Doorley as a woman “eager and angry at me for supporting her [political] opponent.”

As she compared her embattled political year to the Book of Job and repeatedly referenced her faith in God, Warren also called the timing of the drug-related arrests that swept up her husband “highly suspicious.”

“We still need to ask ourselves, why? Why would they do this now? Because they saw, like you saw, that the momentum was building in our favor in the mayoral race, and I was going to be found innocent in my election law case, because I did nothing wrong. Let’s ask ourselves why, after I announced that I was going forward with reparations and universal basic income … they saw, like you saw. Let’s ask ourselves why, at the exact time that the police are knocking at my door, The New York Times, all the way from Manhattan, were sending me an email, asking me about this. Finally, we need to ask ourselves, why, if this is not about politics, why is Tim’s [the mayor’s husband] next court date June 24, the day before Primary Day? Now, that’s quite the coincidence.”

“There’s nothing implicating me in these charges announced today because I’ve done nothing wrong,” Warren emphasized to reporters.- READ MORE

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