Democrat Introduces Bill To Ban Minors From Getting Transgender-Reassignment Surgery, Treatments


South Carolina Democrat state Rep. Cezar McKnight (D-101) has introduced legislation to ban minors from undergoing transgender-reassignment surgery and from receiving medications from doctors to alter gender or delay puberty.

The Bill, called the “South Carolina Vulnerable Child Compassion and Protection Act,” would ban minors from being able to receive transgender surgeries and medical treatments and would charge any person with felonies, with the potential of prison sentences of up to 20 years, for violating the proposed law.

The bill states in part:

…no person shall engage in, counsel, make a referral for, or cause any of the following practices to be performed upon a minor if the practice is performed for the purpose of attempting to alter the appearance of or affirm the minor’s perception of the minor’s gender or sex, if that perception is inconsistent with the minor’s sex as defined in this chapter:

(1)    prescribing, dispensing, administering, or otherwise supplying puberty-blocking medication to stop or delay normal puberty;

(2)    prescribing, dispensing, administering, or otherwise supplying supraphysiologic doses of testosterone or other androgens to females;

(3)    prescribing, dispensing, administering, or otherwise supplying supraphysiologic doses of estrogen to males;

(4)    performing surgeries that sterilize, including castration, vasectomy, hysterectomy, oophorectomy, orchiectomy, and penectomy;

(5)    performing surgeries that artificially construct tissue with the appearance of genitalia that differs from the individual’s sex, including metoidioplasty, phalloplasty, and vaginoplasty; or

(6)    removing any healthy or nondiseased body part or tissue.

The bill makes an exception allowing doctors to treat children that have legitimate “sex development”  – READ MORE

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