Democrat Blasts His Party Over Russia Collusion ‘Delusion’


Finally, someone in the Democrat Party is standing up to try and put the brakes on continued claims that President Donald Trump and his campaign colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton.

The person standing up is former Sen. Bob Kerrey of Nebraska, who few remember since he retired in 2001, but still. Someone had to say it.

Kerrey, in an interview with The Washington Times, said Democrats suffered from “a delusion” relating to the special counsel investigation, whose report should be released soon. The 75-year-old Medal of Honor recipient also told the outlet that those who have been convicted or charged with crimes due to the investigation should be pardoned.

“If there is a man or woman who was convicted and sentenced for not telling the truth about a collusion that never happened, I’d like them to be pardoned,” Kerrey said.

Kerrey definitely has a point here, and it also speaks to the “obstruction” narrative. The investigation was not criminal, but counterintelligence, which is supposed to be done on behalf of the president. Trump could not obstruct an investigation that was done on his behalf, nor could he obstruct an investigation into a nonexistent crime. – READ MORE

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