Dem Seattle Mayor Silent As Jewish Conservative Candidate Targeted By Vicious Anti-Semitism, Report Says


According to Jason Rantz of KTTH in Seattle, Washington, as of early Thursday morning, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, a Democrat who has been quick to condemn President Trump and a Christian baker, has refused to condemn the virulent anti-Semitism targeting a conservative Orthodox Jewish candidate running for the Seattle City Council.

Ari Hoffman, a candidate in District 2, has been targeted on 8Chan by threats suggesting that he should be killed, prompting the FBI and the Seattle Policedepartment to investigate. The post on 8Chan included a photo of Hoffman’s family. As Rantz reported:

The anti-Semitic trolls recommend people “literally kill Ari” and call out his young son, claiming he “literally looks like a anti-Semitic caricature.” Another user says “Jews are the most <expletive> cancerous trash on this planet and anyone who defends them is just as trash.”

Hoffman told the Saul Spady Show on KTTH, “There are some pretty serious anti-Semitic language using the k-word and a few other things on there, specifically targeting my kids and this is a scary thing. This is pretty horrifying.” – READ MORE

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