Dem. Mayor Frey Being Sued For George Floyd Riots That Left Businesses Ruined


Since the George Floyd riots, several businesses have been left penniless due to their livelihoods being torched at the hands of Black Lives Matter. It doesn’t matter how much they try to fight or ask for help, these business owners have been abandoned by the Democratic party as they are unwilling to denounce the BLM violence. Now, one couple is standing up for their lost business and suing Mayor Jacob Frey for doing nothing while rioters preyed on the once-thriving city.

Both Kacey White and Charles Stotts believe that their diner would still be standing and operational if it weren’t for the lack of leadership on the behalf of the Democratic party. Since taken office, the American people are finally getting a glimpse of how unprepared the Democrats are at controlling all of Washington. They can’t even protect a single town from being destroyed by rioters, so what makes them so capable of protecting an entire country?

For White and Stotts, enough is enough. If the Dems aren’t going to help them fight, they will just have to do it themselves. That is the mentality the business owners share as they filed suit seeking $4.5 million from the city and Mayor Frey. – READ MORE

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