Dem Congressional Candidate Praises Hitler’s Courage And Economic Prowess


A Democratic congressional candidate praised Adolf Hitler’s courage and economic prowess as he compared former President Donald Trump to the notorious German dictator.

“You can’t FULLY compare Trump to Hitler,” tweeted Democratic North Carolina congressional candidate Mark Judson Thursday. “Hitler wasn’t too much of a coward to serve in the Army.”

“Hitler DID fix the German economy (at least in the short run),” he continued. “Imagine how much of a dirty POS a person (Trump**) has to be to pale in comparison to Hitler!”

According to data compiled by the Holocaust Memorial, Hitler’s direction of the Nazi regime resulted in the deaths of at least 6 million Jews, around 7 million Soviet civilians, around 3 million Soviet prisoners of war, around 1.8 million non-Jewish Polish civilians, 312,000 Serb civilians, up to 250,000 people with disabilities living in institutions, up to 250,000 gypsies, and many more.

Screenshot, Twitter.

Judson did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the Daily Caller News Foundation.

The North Carolina candidate also criticized actress and conservative Gina Carano in a Thursday tweet, calling her “Nazi trash.” His tweet came after reports that she had been fired from Disney’s “The Mandalorian” for a social media post about the Holocaust.

“Nazi trash like Gina Carano Has. No. Place. in America,” Judson tweeted. “The more quickly that DECENT Americans understand and internalize that a large percentage of MAGA holds ZERO American values, and has NO PLACE in America, the more quickly we can adjust.”

Screenshot, Twitter.

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