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Deleted Emails: Clinton Helped Out Donors Who Asked Her For Help With A ‘Major Client’


Bombshell emails released by Judicial Watch on Monday show that in June 2009, two longtime Hillary Clinton friends and donors asked the then-secretary of state for help for a “major client.”

The emails, which were not among the records that Clinton gave the State Department in Dec. 2014, show that Clinton aimed to help her two associates, Kevin O’Keefe and Kevin Conlon.

“Let me know when you are well enough for me to ask you to do a couple of things,” O’Keefe, a Chicago-based attorney and former Bill Clinton White House official, wrote to Clinton on June 25. She was recovering from an elbow injury at the time.

Clinton wrote back, but the State Department redacted her response. O’Keefe responded, writing that Conlon “is trying to set up a meeting with you and a major client.” – READ MORE

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