Defiant Flynn Tells Mueller to Hit the Highway; Special Counsel Fuming that “Hostile” Witness Won’t Rat on Trump


U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller has reached his wit’s end with Gen. Michael Flynn, a coveted ex-Trump administration official Mueller was confident he could flip to rat out his former boss and White House associates.

Mueller indicted Flynn on a single charge of lying to the FBI in Dec. 2016 and Flynn plead out, promising to work with Mueller per his plea agreement.

But Flynn won’t crack, sources said, and rat out Trump.

And Mueller is steaming, according to federal insiders familiar with the friction-packed relationship between the two parties.

“Flynn remains loyal to Trump,” one case insider said. “Mueller overplayed his hand because Flynn has not cooperated and will not cooperate. He still supports Trump. Nothing Mueller has tried, including threats, has changed that.”

Mueller previously threatened Flynn’s son with prosecution if Flynn didn’t plead out and agree to cooperate with the probe.

“Somewhere during this whole process, Flynn decided he was not going to work with Mueller’s team,” one insider said. “Mueller is left with a hostile witness who he has charged but can’t get to cooperate.”

Flynn didn’t cut a deal with Mueller because he was necessarily guilty of lying to the FBI, or any crimes, according to sources close to the retired general.

Flynn was muscled and coerced into a plea deal, several sources said.

Flynn plead guilty after Mueller threatened Flynn’s family, including his son Michael Jr. According to sources close to Flynn family, Mueller threatened Flynn on multiple occasions that if he did not plead guilty to lying to the FBI, Mueller would investigate other Flynn family members.

Including his son. And rack up thousands more dollars in legal fees.

“I didn’t do anything illegal so this notion that one of the thing the Special Counsel could do to get my father to accept a plea deal was threaten me has always been odd,” Michael Flynn Jr. told True Pundit.

Odd but true nonetheless.

A close family associate said Mueller and his team even threatened Flynn Jr. during a meeting with Gen. Flynn in the same room. Mueller’s apparent goal with the threats was to cause additional stress in the Flynn family as well as hike Flynn’s legal fees which were already bankrupting the family, sources said.

Looks like ABC News’ Brian Ross and his mainstream media pals simply got it wrong. Again.

For months, the media has been trumpeting Flynn Sr. as a star witness for Mueller and cited delays in Flynn’s sentencing as proof Flynn was cooperating with Mueller and providing intel against the Trump administration.


Flynn is scheduled in court this Friday for sentencing.

Unless the court delays it. Again.

Gen. Flynn could not be reached for comment.

After his plea deal was announced, Flynn released a statement on Dec. 1, 2017 that in part read:

“My guilty plea and agreement to cooperate with the Special Counsel’s office reflect a decision I made in the best interests of my family and our country.”

Also, based on recent court documents in Flynn’s case there appears to be a possibility that a judge could vacate his guilty plea and Flynn could walk away a free man.

And also free to talk.

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