Decorated Federal Agent Just Took a Flamethrower to the FBI


One of the FBI’s most high-profile agents-turned-whistleblower took the FBI to task Friday for wasting millions of tax dollars to fight honest agents who call out the crooked Bureau.

Robyn Gritz is a retired FBI boss who is now suing her former employer after losing her job, the cost of telling the truth in the wayward FBI these days.

Gritz began Tweeting about her struggles with the FBI on Friday and we have compiled that string of these epic posts here:

From Gritz’s Twitter @vabelle2010, the links included are from her posts as well:

“Where are your tax dollars going? Continuous undermining of @POTUS , Congressional harassment and discrimination payoffs, IRS targeting of conservative groups, in the pockets of your representatives… All of this should concern you. But I have to bring up what I’m paying for… 

I am actually paying for the litigation war @FBI @TheJusticeDept have waged against me and other hardworking & ethical FBI agents, analysts and professional staff. I’m paying for the screwing over of myself. Wtf???

EEO (same) litigation out for years. I’m at 7 years 3 months. I have friends who have gone through this for 9-15 years. What is this costing the taxpayers? @LindseyGrahamSC @SenRonJohnson @ChuckGrassley @JusticeOIG 

I don’t know how much but each & every action they take against me uses your tax dollars. Every day costs them, at a minimum, $476 in back wages. Every time they file a frivolous motion to dismiss, hundreds of not thousands of your dollars are used. Let me break this down: 

First, Can you imagine how many tax dollars are being wasted by not using my experience & specialized training, which tax dollars paid for? 

I read in an old article it was estimated to cost $1million per agent to complete Quantico & do their first 2 years in a field office. So many people want to know how much Congress pays out for harassment and discrimination cases. 

What needs to be exposed is the money spent by the FBI, not just in settlements but in how much manpower they use to retaliate, legal fees for their attorneys. Add in the bogus OPR internal investigations they wage against whistleblowers. 

In my case, they had a Supervisory Special Agent (SSA) working my bogus & retaliatory OPR for over a year. What did that cost? 

Then they had an EEO Counselor working my initial EEO complaint. Plus, the cost of doing an inadequate process by not speaking to the witness list I provided. 

The cost, financially and reputation-wise, of pulling me from my detail to the @CIA after that agency put me through training etc. all costing a lot of money. Add the cost of breaking over 24 policies & laws just to retaliate after I filed the EEO complaint. 

Bassem Youseff is a well-known whistleblower & he said there were 8 DOJ/FBI attorneys working his case, which went on for years. So add in the cost of the salaries & actions of these attorneys. Dragging cases out for years costs a lot of cash$$$. 

In July, 2006 the Justice Department’s Office of Professional Responsibility concluded that the FBI illegally retaliated against Youssef because he had allegedly made whistleblower disclosures to the Director of the FBI and a Member of Congress.- Wikipedia 

Bassem & I & so many others were retaliated against by idling us in positions with little to no work assignments after we filed complaints. It’s part of the “Playbook”

My friend just won his case after 12 years…. Another agent in New Haven just won his case after 5-6 years. With a 2nd one filed. I’m going on 7 years 3 months myself.

Conn. FBI Office Won’t Speak on 2 Whistleblower Lawsuits

Frederic “Fred” Whitehurst is an American chemist and attorney who served as a Supervisory Special Agent in the Federal Bureau of Investigation Laboratory from 1986 to 1998. Concerned about problems he saw among agents, he went public as a whistleblower to bring attention to procedural errors and misconduct by agents. The FBI agreed to 40 reforms to improve the forensic reliability of its testing. -Wikipedia. Fred was/is an expert who endured vicious and illegal retaliation for decades. 

Take into account the specialties of the people I highlight. In 1999, Turner brought to the attention of her management team serious misconduct concerning failures to investigate and prosecute crimes against children in Indian country and in the Minot, North Dakota community. 

Turner also reported on misconduct related to the potential criminal theft of property from the 9/11 Ground Zero crime scene in New York City by Minneapolis FBI personnel.
9 years of litigation followed. 

In 2007 a Minneapolis jury awarded Turner $500,000 (capped by law at $360,000) for retaliation & backpay for the agency’s actions following her filing of a sexual discrimination claim. In 2008, the U.S. Government was ordered to pay $1 million in legal fees to Turner’s lawyers. 

Take a look at Turner’s career:…. She and the others, and I include myself, were/are not slackers. We worked significant and substantial investigations. Try to estimate the tax dollars used to target and destroy those of us who stood up for truth! 

I’ve been waiting over 3 years for my own records which I did a FOIA for. This is the FBI wasting your tax dollars by violating the records and FOIA laws… on a regular basis @TomFitton @JudicialWatch @ChuckGrassley @LindseyGrahamSC @DevinNunes can attest to this… 

I get calls weekly from & for new victim employees. Even after all the scandals being aired (much worse to come) they viciously target and destroy employees like they did to me. There are hundreds of these cases pending @FBI @JusticeOIG Isn’t this fraud, waste & abuse? 

try to put the whistleblower in a weakened state. That’s our tax dollars doing this. So many people want to know how much Congress pays out for harassment & discrimination cases. It’s probably pennies compared to the tax dollars wasted to destroy our lives. 

Write to your Capitol Hill representatives You can do it online!!! Demand that they look at this waste fraud and abuse of your tax dollars and your trust! Demand protection for us whistleblowers. 

This has been going on for decades

Women Sue F.B.I., Claiming Discrimination at Training Academy

And what has @JusticeOIG done? One, they refused repeated calls from @ChuckGrassley to review the circumstances of my case. 

Two, they wrote up a report and accepted the bullcrap answers from the law enforcement agencies under their jurisdiction.… 
So I not only ask you to write your representatives to ask @FBI @TheJusticeDept about their actions. But I ask that you demand answers from @JusticeOIG for their inaction on the continuous targeting and retaliation against whistleblowers & EEO complainants.”
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