Declassified Hillary Email Threatens Assange: “Hope the Wikileaker Gets What’s Coming to Him” — Like a Military Drone Strike


Remember that story True Pundit broke before the 2016 election where Hillary Clinton — as Secretary of State — threatened to kill Julian Assange by a U.S. military drone strike?

We do.

But Hillary said it must have been a joke if she said it but she couldn’t remember if she said it. Which means we were right, as usual. She said it.

The story included a State Departnment email and memo on internal meetings about how to handle Assange via “legal and non legal” methods.


Now comes a disturbing email released by State where a Hillary associate, Marty Torrey — who goes by the pen name “Mad Hatter” — tells Hillary he hopes the “Wikileaker gets what’s coming to him.”

Would that be a drone strike? But why did the State Deparment redact the date on the the email?

It would appear that email links up to the time frame involved in the drone story. Where is the date on the email? Why would you need to redact a date?

But it was all just a joke — if you said it — right, Hillary? Isn’t that why the date is redacted too?

The Swamp Protects Its Own, regardless of ‘party.”

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