Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s sketchy IT aide is trying to do something only Steven Mnuchin can stop



Because the case of Wasserman Schultz’s IT aide involves so much Congressional property, computer files, email records, and cash salaries that were paid for by U.S. taxpayers, it is right for Mnuchin to step in and to at least hit the pause button on the transfer of U.S. assets until law enforcement can determine the extent of the damage from the Awan brothers.

Ultimately, Wasserman Schultz must answer to law enforcement and to her colleagues’ questions regarding why she continued to employ individuals after it was known they breached IT mainframes holding sensitive intelligence information, and why on earth she was planning to continue to pay the foreign-born Imran Awan who still in her employ when he was arrested last Tuesday.

Meantime, actions can and should be taken today to ensure that Awan doesn’t abscond with U.S. funds, real estate he may have paid for while potentially cheating taxpayers out of $4 million in salary, and any other assets he may have amassed while potentially committing high crimes on the public payroll.

In addition, a comprehensive investigation of multiple years of incoming and outgoing funds must be traced in order to determine whether the actions of the Awan brothers were part of a wider scheme to commit foreign-funded espionage.

Secretary Mnuchin, the bat signal is flashing. We hope you will answer the call.


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