Death Watch: Donna Brazile To Be Fired as DNC Chair


Amid media jeers, True Pundit was the first news source to report Debbie Wasserman-Schultz would get booted from her DNC chair post approximately two days before she was unceremoniously fired hours before the Democratic National Convention in July.

True Pundit’s inside source at the DNC for the Wasserman bombshell now reports that current DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile’s position as the party boss is on life support and there does not appear to be enough support to resuscitate the embattled Democrat to remain in that national role.

How long will Brazile last?

“She could be gone by Thursday or Friday,” the DNC source said. “Wikileaks is her undoing. Who knows what else they have on her. She’s a complete liability and is hurting Hillary at this point. She has no long term upside as chair. She’s not that charismatic to begin with.”

The DNC insider said Brazile might last until after the election next week, given the FBI-provoked tailspin the Clinton campaign is trying to pull out from. Firing Brazile this week may ultimately throw gasoline on what appears to be a week-long Democratic bonfire, the source said. But the party might not have a choice.

Brazile, thanks to Wikileaks recent releases of her emails, has been busted twice now for supplying verbatim TV debate questions in advance to Hillary Clinton in 2016. Brazile was privy to those questions as her alleged role as a journalist/commentator employed by CNN. However. Brazile was fired by CNN today for those same infractions, seen even by a corrupt media, as outlandish.


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