Dearborn High School Employs ‘Modesty Ponchos’ For Prom Season


One high school in Dearborn, Michigan has found a way to deter inappropriate prom dresses: the “modesty poncho.”

In the halls of Catholic high school Divine Child were colorful ponchos hanging on mannequins with attached signs that said “modesty poncho for prom” and reminders to students to dress appropriately for the upcoming event.

“If your dress does not meet our formal dance dress requirements ― no problem! We’ve got you covered ― literally. This is our Modesty Poncho, which you’ll be given at the door,” reads one note attached to a mannequin. “Available in short and long styles,” says another.

The “modesty poncho” was a “lighthearted” attempt to get students to focus on “inner beauty,” said theology teacher Mary Pat O’Malley, who created the ponchos. – READ MORE

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