Dear D.C. — Your Coronavirus Models Have Been the Real Disaster; Your Data, Predictions & Numbers Are Not Adding Up


The government and White House closed the United States down with information from scientific medical models of the coronavirus that have proven about as accurate as CNN’s news reporting.

Wrong intelligence. Poor communication. Baseless numbers. At every step of the way. And the United States has been converted into a fear-stricken country in the process. What in the hell is going on here? Where is this math coming from? The White House predicted 240,000 deaths in the United States on or about Easter. So far there are 8,100 as of Saturday. And how many of these deaths are also attributed to other serious pre-existing medical complications? We decipher the flawed models on the Thomas Paine Podcast. And the topic is disturbing yet simple: They ruined the United States based on seriously problematic models and data. Why? And why do many of these people still have jobs? (Listen below)

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