Dean Cain Slams ‘Ridiculous’ Hollywood Elites Threatening to Boycott Georgia over Heartbeat Bill


Actor Dean Cain slammed the “ridiculous” threat to boycott the State of Georgia for its “heartbeat” abortion bill supported by Hollywood liberals like Alyssa Milano and Alec Baldwin.

The left-wing Milano organized the boycott campaign of Georgia’s film industry over the state’s H.B. 481, a legislation that would ban abortions once a fetal heartbeat can be determined. Milano maintains that restricting abortions should be opposed and she has proposed damaging the state’s burgeoning film industry to achieve a rollback of the bill.

“The hubris of Hollywood to say to a sovereign state like Georgia, you guys have to follow our beliefs on abortion, is ridiculous,” Cain told Fox & Friends on Friday morning. “For Hollywood to tell Georgia voters what their views should be on abortion is a huge mistake, and I think it’s a giant overstep.”

Cain noted that a Hollywood boycott of Georgia’s film industry would not achieve Milano’s aims. – READ MORE

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