Deadspin Appears to Use Fake Sources and Quotes to Criticize Trump Man Jay Cutler


It matters not whether one is a Super Bowl champion like Tom Brady or a lesser quarterback like Jay Cutler. If you support President Donald Trump, the sports media will disparage you for guilt by association. Brady experienced this for several months, and now that Miami passed over media favorite Colin Kaepernick for Jay Cutler, the latter is prime for criticism.

Deadspin writer Tom Ley crafted a new form of fake news in finding fault with Cutler for political reasons. “Cutler certainly plugs a hole at quarterback for the Dolphins, but there remain concerns about his commitment to the game, and I, a wised-up football writer, have been hearing about those concerns,” Ley writes.

Who are Ley’s sources? This “wised-up football writer” resorts to sketchy, possibly fake sources for his weird brand of anonymous news in his criticisms of the Trump-supporting quarterback. He cites imaginary friends to help him discredit Trump man Cutler


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