DC BUZZ: Nikki Haley for Trump’s VP in 2020?


A recent buzz inside the beltway went mainstream last night after Jennifer Rubin went on Chris Matthews’ show and said Nikki Haley would replace VP Mike Pence on the 2020 Republican presidential ticket.

Such rumors have been gaining steam in recent weeks.

Rubin, who covers conservative issues for the Washington Post, said in part that Haley is a frontrunner to replace Pence:

One thing — talking about the ‘vortex’ — I bet he’s going to dump Mike Pence this year. Depends where he is in the polls and when the Mueller report comes out . And he needs a woman, and he needs everyone to be buzzing about him.”

Haley abruptly resigned as US ambassador to the United Nations last year.

Rubin has often been wrong on many issues, however, she is the first to publicly air what has been a buzz in DC for weeks.

It is no secret that Trump is not a huge fan of Pence.

However, Haley’s recent Twitter post with a photograph of her hanging out with John Brennan certainly shows a lack of judgment on her part and smears her future chances of getting elected to any post — if the “in crowd” she is hanging out with are GOPe types. The Establishment. The old guard.

This story is developing.

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