Data show Americans are returning to normal life whether state and local officials like it or not


As the coronavirus pandemic wanes, new mobility data shows that Americans are no longer sheltering in place to the extent they did several weeks ago, despite continued state and local guidelines.

According to Apple’s mobility trends report — which tracks people’s searches for directions on Apple Maps — traffic in America has more than doubled in the last three weeks since its low point at -60% from the baseline. As of Saturday, that number had risen to only -16% from the baseline.

Another report, this one from location data provider Foursquare, found that “fast food and gas station visits have returned to pre-COVID-19 levels in the Midwest and in rural areas across the nation.” Foursquare collects its data from willing participants who allow the company to track locations they visit.

The reports correspond with mobile phone data provided to NPR by SafeGraph over the weekend which also showed that Americans are not sheltering in place as much as they had in early April. – READ MORE

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