Dan Crenshaw Dismantles WaPo Writer’s Attempt To ‘Rewrite History’ On Trump’s Coronavirus Response


An op-ed for The Washington Post heaping most of the blame on President Trump for the massive “human and material” toll of the COVID-19 pandemic prompted Texas Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw to issue a series of social media posts dismantling the columnist’s attempt to “rewrite history.”

“[T]he Trump toll, when we are done, will likely include tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths, massive unemployment, trillions of dollars more in debt and trillions of dollars in lost wealth not to mention emotional hardship and educational disruption,” tweeted Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin in a tweet promoting her latest op-ed.

In the piece, titled “Trump’s Inaction Has A Staggering Toll,” Rubin blames “Trump’s utter incompetence” for the massive damage both in terms of human lives and the economy. Trump, she writes, is guilty of “delinquency in acting to protect Americans against the pandemic” and “ongoing failure to ramp up testing, which would allow economic reengagement.” She goes on to accuse Trump of not shutting down the country fast enough “when the WHO sounded its alarm” and failing to “ramp up testing at a massive scale” and “prepar[ing] our health-care system” to better handle the pandemic. – READ MORE

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