Dad of Fla. school shooting victim educates those pushing for gun-free schools: ‘Freedom of choice’ (VIDEO)


Andrew Pollack, a Parkland, Florida, shooting victim’s father, has some advice for those people who don’t want armed teachers or guards roaming the halls of public schools: If you want a gun-free zone, enroll your child in a school that doesn’t allow firearms on the premises.

“You have the choice to go to any school you want, so my answer to them is, ‘If you don’t want a teacher or a marshal or you don’t want someone with a gun at your school, you go to a gun-free school zone. That’s where you go,’” Pollack told CNN’s Alisyn Camerota on Wednesday.

Pollack reiterated his point of view that it should be up to parents as to whether they want to send their children to schools with armed teachers or armed guards.

“This is America, and it’s freedom of choice, right?” Pollack said. READ MORE

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