D.C. FBI Insiders Fear: “General Flynn Might Take a Flamethrower to this Town Before He is Done”


The biggest, baddest dude in Washington D.C. might be President Trump but Gen. Mike Flynn is running a close second, according to FBI insiders who fear he may start talking soon.

And talking about the FBI and what exactly went down during his ordeal with the Bureau’s Andrew McCabe-infused investigation of Flynn. Those unflattering details, insiders reveal, would bring more unwanted turmoil and public scrutiny to the embattled agency. Especially the FBI’s actions wielded against Flynn which likely involve illegality and corruption.

Worry quickly swept through the Beltway this weekend after Flynn appeared at a political rally days ago to support a California underdog running for Congress; Flynn’s first public appearance since he was sacked as national security adviser in 2017.

That surprise appearance clearly put the D.C. establishment on notice.

Flynn is back.

And he has a score to settle, according to one close friend.

“I think he is gearing up to name names,” Flynn’s confidant said. “He knows where many political bodies are buried in D.C. and what does he have to lose? Nothing.”

That fact makes Flynn a very dangerous man, especially in Washington D.C., a place held together by secrets and people who want to keep them hidden. And elites recognize the fact that a rogue Flynn could add up to big trouble for such secrets and those they would expose.

One FBI insider said General Flynn “might take a flamethrower to this town before he is done.”

The FBI’s disgraced former deputy director Andrew McCabe, who was fired on Friday, certainly put Flynn through the federal ringer over the last year. Sparked by what now appears to be a tainted FBI operation, U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller and Flynn struck a plea agreement months ago on a single felony charge of lying to the FBI.

But Flynn associates said while that plea was an public admission of guilt, the purpose of the plea was to put a tourniquet on Flynn’s swelling legal fees and to put the matter to rest so that he and his wife and family could begin to rebuild.

Emotionally and financially.

Flynn recently put his house on the market to help offset his legal fees and other losses linked to McCabe’s ginned-up probe, sources said.

That said, Flynn may have never lied to the FBI at all. His plea was merely a vehicle to end the bogus investigation, one close associate said.

Flynn’s sentencing has been recently delayed as more and more problems are uncovered about Mueller’s investigation which was based on McCabe-influenced FBI personnel, including Peter Strzok whose interview of Flynn was the basis for the federal charge against him. But Strzok has since been defrocked as well, kicked off Mueller’s team and demoted inside the FBI for wielding a wild anti-Trump bias. That would include or extend to an anti-Flynn bias as well.

If Flynn’s plea is not vacated by a federal judge in the District of Columbia — which it would appear could be in the works — White House sources have stated President Trump will almost certainly pardon Flynn.

Flynn is expected to relocate to Washington, D.C., one close associate said.

“People should be worried,” a close associate said. “This is a very very bright man and he may want to get involved in the D.C. game. Before he was always somewhat of a private outsider.

“They may have created a monster.”

The FBI’s wayward Frankenstein?

America could certainly use an anti-Swamp monster.

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