CRAPPY MOVE: Kim Jong Un is bringing his own toilet to the Koreas summit; Fears Spies Will Steal His “Number Two”


The historic summit will focus on Kim Jong Un’s recent vow to suspend nuclear and long-range missile tests, as well as North Korea’s plans to close its nuclear test site. The Trump administration will also be keeping a close eye on the events of the summit as it prepares for a meeting between Kim and President Trump that is anticipated for May or June.

While Kim has agreed to a seat at the table, however, he is reportedly refusing to sit on any of the summit’s public toilets. And accordingly to Lee Yun-keol, who worked in a North Korean Guard Command unit before defecting to South Korea in 2005, that’s par for the course.

“Rather than using a public restroom, the leader of North Korea has a personal toilet that follows him around when he travels,” Lee Yun-keol told the Washington Post.

The reason? They are protecting against a literal info dump.

“The leader’s excretions contain information about his health status so they can’t be left behind,” Lee Yun-keol explained.

Similar travel considerations are reportedly made whenever the North Korean leader conducts on-site inspections of military bases and state-run factories across the country. In fact, according to the South Korean news agency DailyNK, there is a customized bathroom built into Kim’s convoy of vehicles at all times.


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