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Couple sues Pokemon Go, claiming players have overwhelmed neighborhood, ‘We don’t feel safe’


Nintendo says its mission is to “put smiles on people’s faces.”

Scott and Jayme Dodich of St. Clair Shores aren’t smiling. Pokémon Go, they say, is making them miserable — so they’ve decided to sue the video game giant and its wildly successful game in federal court.

After weeks of complaining about Pokemon players trampling their landscaping, peering into their windows and even cussing at them, the Dodiches have filed a class action lawsuit,  claiming Pokémon Go developers and owners have made millions of dollars while ruining  the quality of life for many Americans.  They claim the so-called Pokestops and gyms — which are actually GPS coordinates for Pokemon hunters looking for virtual creatures — are being placed on or near private property without the permission of owners.

In their case, they live across the street from Wahby Park — a Pokemon hotspot that has a so-called Poke gym and at least seven stops that draw hundreds of players on any given day. – READ MORE

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