Cosmo: If your white daughter dresses up as Disney princess Moana for Halloween, then you’re racist


If your daughter is white and wants to be Disney princess Moana this Halloween, you had better put the kibosh on that idea quickly.

An article published in Cosmopolitan magazine is garnering criticism because it claims that white parents must prevent their white daughters from dressing up as Moana this Halloween. The reason? Because it’s racist.

It’s your job as a parent to “teach your kids about the importance of cultural sensitivity” and allowing your white child to dress up as Moana is “racist.”

White girls have plenty of “princesses to choose from”: “If your Caucasian son or daughter doesn’t get to be exactly what they wanted for Halloween, encourage them to take a step back and realize that they’re awash in privileges that the real Moanas and Tianas of the world will likely never see, because the world is full of racist a**holes”

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