Cory Booker’s Girlfriend Rosario Dawson Won’t Endorse His Presidential Bid


Actress Rosario Dawson, the girlfriend of Democrat presidential hopeful and Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ), has no immediate plans to endorse the White House hopeful’s presidential bid.

“Regardless of Cory, I wasn’t going to be behind any particular candidate this election,” Dawson stated at Variety’s Toronto Film Festival. “I really just want to be behind the electorate.”

Dawson also discussed the media’s double standard when it comes to her and Cory Booker, saying that the press has not given much attention to her upcoming appearance in the Zombieland sequal.

“He’s hoping to make the ‘Zombieland’ premiere, but I’m curious to see, if he doesn’t, if he’s going to get the same amount of press being like ‘why aren’t you supporting your women,” Dawson said. “I’ve been getting all this press like ‘Why aren’t you at your man’s side’ when I’ve made it really clear that it’s okay to be a working mom.” – READ MORE

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