Cory Booker invents language in awkward interview: ‘Swiss! Yeah, I do not speak Swiss’


If former President Barack Obama can invent the Austrian language, then Sen. Cory Booker can invent the Swiss one.

Mr. Booker’s awkward exchange on the campaign trail with a radio reporter in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, was transcribed and posted on Twitter by CNN executive producer David Galles.

Mr. Booker first mangled Spanish grammar when asking the reporter “Tu hablo espanol, Si?” When the reporter replied “No, Swiss radio,” the senator and 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful fumbled his facts about the world even further in an effort to claim unsophistication in a sophisticated-sounding way.

“Swiss! Yeah, I do not speak Swiss. (Laugh) I cannot even say ‘Swiss cheese’ in Swiss,” Mr. Booker said, according to Mr. Galles’s transcription.

However, there is no such language as “Swiss.”

Switzerland has four national languages — German, French, Italian and Romansh, the first being the most widely spoken. – READ MORE

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