Coronavirus infects 66 more passengers on Diamond Princess, bringing total to 130


Japan may test every person aboard the Diamond Princess for the coronavirus after it was determined Monday that there were 66 new cases on the quarantined ship docked at a Yokohama port.

The Japan Times, which first reported the increase, said the passengers will be able to disembark after test results become available. Princess Cruises confirmed to Fox News the number of new cases.

The passengers have been confined on the ship for six days with limited outdoor activities. The New York Times reported that the ship is “host to the highest concentration of the coronavirus cases outside China.” The report said 2,600 passengers have been holed up in their cabins, and some have spoken about their anxiety.

“My whole thing is just to stay calm, because no matter what, I’m here. But every day it’s anxiety-provoking when we see the ambulances line up on the side of the ship,” one passenger told the paper. – READ MORE

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