Coronavirus antibodies persist at least nine months after infection: study


A study in northern Italy found coronavirus antibodies persisted in detectable levels for at least nine months after infection, regardless of a symptomatic or asymptomatic course of illness, though results differed depending on test used.

Researchers from Imperial College London and the University of Padova published findings in Nature Communications on Monday, stemming from an analysis in Vo’, Italy, where a mass testing campaign saw 86% (2,602 people) of the community tested in February/March and May 2020, about 6% of whom tested positive and were tested again in November.

Results indicated 98.8% of COVID-positive individuals had detectable levels of antibodies by November, and nearly 20% had increased levels or reactivity since May, suggesting potential reinfection. Scientists tracked antibody levels through three tests manufactured by Roche, DiaSorin and Abbott and found differing rates of decay in antibody levels.

“The May testing demonstrated that 3.5 percent of the Vo’ population had been exposed to the virus, even though not all of these subjects were aware of their exposure given the large fraction of asymptomatic infections,” Professor Enrico Lavezzo of the University of Padua said in a news release posted to on Monday.

“However, at the follow-up, which was performed roughly nine months after the outbreak, we found that antibodies were less abundant, so we need to continue to monitor antibody persistence for longer time spans.”- READ MORE

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