Corey Lewandowski FIRED: Escorted Out of Trump Tower, Out of Trump Campaign


Donald J. Trump fired his wunderkind campaign manager Corey LewandowskiMonday at the campaign’s regular Trump Tower meeting.

“Corey was escorted out of the building,” a source close to the campaign told Breitbart News.

Lewandowski came to the meeting unaware that he had lost the support of the GOP presumptive nominee, the source said. At the meeting, attended by both senior campaign staff and members of the family, Trump reviewed different campaign metrics that were all faltering: cooperation with party leaders, fundraising, surrogate operations and most importantly the polls.

The campaign manager seemed to have run out of ideas. When the New York City developer asked Lewandowski what he would do to turn things around, the only thing he could come up with was for Trump to announce his pick for vice-president. – READ MORE

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