Cops say teenage idiots are going around coughing on produce on purpose, filming it, and posting it to social media


Think that American young people aren’t taking the coronavirus seriously? You might be right.

There have been multiple reports of millennials and teenagers ignoring CDC recommendations and statewide regulations about social distancing.

The Purcellville Police Department revealed on Facebook that a group of teenagers allegedly filmed themselves coughing on fruits and vegetables in a Virginia grocery store Wednesday and posted it to social media. Cops said they are investigating the reported incident, but they have no suspects at this time. The New York Post reported that the perpetrators remain at large.

“Yesterday, March 18, 2020, an incident occurred at a local grocery store involving juveniles reportedly coughing on produce, while filming themselves and posting it on social media,” the department said. “Police responded and are currently investigating the incident. The grocery store immediately removed the items in question, and has taken appropriate measures to ensure the health of store patrons.”

The department noted that the actions of the teenagers appears to be part of a growing and “disturbing trend” across the U.S. – READ MORE

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