Cooper Tries to Force Congressman To ‘Admit’ Trump is a Liar


CNN’s Anderson Cooper tried to force Jim Jordan, a Republican congressman from Ohio and a dark-horse candidate for Speaker if Republicans hold the house, to admit Trump had lied to the American public.

“The president lies a lot, Jim Comey says,” Cooper said. “Do you think he lies a lot?”

“I do not,” Jordan said. “I think Jim Comey has leaked information through a friend to the New York Times for the stated purpose of getting a special counsel.

“I think Jim Comey took over an investigation that had never happened before … it had always been the attorney general who announced the findings whether they would prosecute or no. I think Jim Comey, as you said earlier, is gone because of how he handled the Clinton investigation and how he started the Trump investigation.”

Cooper pressed on.

“I mean … but come on, you have to admit this president said things that were just demonstrably not true time and time again. The list is a very long one — almost on a daily basis.” READ MORE

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