Conway Blames Dems for Trump’s Tariffs: ‘Mexico Hasn’t Done Enough and Congress Has Done Less Than That’ (VIDEO)


Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway slammed Democrats in Congress for refusing to act on preventing illegal immigration.


During an interview on Fox News, Conway told host Jesse Watters that Congress has done even less than Mexico to prevent illegal immigration in the United States.

“Mexico hasn’t done enough and Congress has done less than that. Congress can stop the whole darn thing but they’ve done nothing so the president has to step into the breach. Look, you slap on tariffs to change the behavior of a trading partner and it looks like the president got their attention. He means business and you know it. He’s been completely consistent on this issue for four years now.”

Conway also addressed those who are concerned about the cost of the tariffs on U.S. manufacturers, telling Watters that the “actual cost of illegal immigration” is billion for U.S. taxpayers. She also highlighted the humanitarian costs on the migrants who make the dangerous journey north. – READ MORE

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