Contractor Outraged After Northam Removes American Flag: ‘Stop Letting the Inmates Run the Asylum!’


On the eve of the Fourth of July, Virginia’s state government ordered a contractor to remove a massive American flag from the side of a new office building the contractor is erecting in Richmond. The state government expressed concerns about the “safety” of workers because “protesters” might view the American flag as a “target.” An actual worker slammed the government for “letting the inmates run the asylum.”

“Over the past month we’ve seen buildings and structures around Capitol Square vandalized and flags, dumpsters, a bus and other items set ablaze during demonstrations around the city,” Dena Potter, spokeswoman for the Department of General Services, told The Washington Post. “When we saw the flag, we were concerned that it could become a target so we told the contractor to remove it.”

“They were very responsive when we asked them to remove it,” Potter added. “Of course the safety of the workers on the job and the public is our No. 1 concern, but we also did not want to see the flag damaged in any way.”

The order to strike Old Glory infuriated a subcontractor, Eric Winston of American Coatings Corp. His fireproofing company used tarps to make a supersized American flag, about as tall as a full story of the building, which is part of a $300 million project. – READ MORE

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